Last week, as the nation mourns the first anniversary of the tragic Boston Marathon Bombing that claimed the lives of three, all eyes in the media are pointed at the city, with stories being written about the victims, their families and, inevitably, the terrorists who are accused of perpetrating the heinous acts. College newspapers are no exception, and while many student publications across the country will be posting stories off the AP wire, it is important to look at how the schools closest to the tragedy tell the story of its effect on their campuses. I’ve complied a list of stories written by student newspapers in the Boston area.

1) “As Boston Looks Back, Harvard Pauses for Day of Remembrance” Harvard Crimson, Harvard University.

2) “Fueled by Cheers, Emerson Students Compete Boston Marathon” The Berkley Beacon, Emerson University.

3) “UMass Boston Holds Boston Marathon Remembrance Ceremony” The Mass Media, UMass Boston.

4) “Prof. Unveils Design for New Tribute to Officer Sean Collier” The Tech, MIT.

5) “Column: One Year Removed” The Huntington News, Northeastern

6) “Runners From BC reflect on Boston Marathon Experience” The Heights, Boston College

7) An entire section dedicated to coverage, The Daily Free Press, Boston University

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