Last September, The Crimson White, the University of Alabama’s student newspaper, published an enterprise story exposing deep-seeded racial segregation among the university’s Panhellenic sororities. The story gained national attention as was one of the best examples of college journalism produced this academic year.

However, since publishing the story, The Crimson White has dropped of the coverage trail, and a recent story appearing in Inside Eau Claire, the journalism website for the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, returned to the topic, detailing how not much has changed since the Crimson White blew the lid off of the story.

The Crimson White’s story no doubt brought much needed attention to the topic, but what is it worth if they do not follow up? Media on every level has the obligation to hold a continued light to perceived transgressors of the community’s moral code. One story is often not enough to cause significant change in the world, it takes repeated exposing of the problem before it begins to go away.

The Crimson White is an award-winning student newspaper, no doubt one of the best in the country. But there appears to be a serious racial problem within the sorority system at the U of A. If they knew it was a problem last year, they must be aware that it still exists, and in that case they should be reporting it.

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