The state of the news is ever in flux. Professional newspapers are no longer simply focused on producing print content. Online across the country, news organization are  taking advantage of the growing number of digital applications to tell a story. From the New York Times’ interactive statistics blog Upshot to the Boston Globe and USA Today producing videos, newspapers struggling to survive are adapting to all streams of media.

The same goes for college publications. Here is a list of five great non-traditional multimedia stories produced by student newspapers at colleges across the country.


Video: Live coverage of student association debates, The Daily Bruin, UCLA.

Photo slideshow: Celebration of Hindu Holi holiday, The Daily Tar Heel, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Video: office concert (shameless plug to an idea we got from the Tiny Desk Concerts at NPR), The Temple News, Temple University

Storify: Coverage of protests against Condoleezza Rice’s speaking at Rutgers commencement, The Daily Targum, Rutgers University

Graphic: Sex or shower? North by Northwestern, Northwestern University

The last one was presented to me at the College Media Association 2014 Conference in New York back in March. It was produced by North by Northwestern, a daily online magazine that serves as an alternative to the student paper The Daily Northwestern. The graphic was produced  as part of a package they produced on an event similar to THON at Penn State. According to the presenter, it was a big hit, for obvious reasons. As far as Northwestern University goes, the seem to have some of the best student journalists in the country.

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