Northwestern University is best known in the journalism community as the home of the Medill School of Journalism, one of the premier journalism programs in the country. The Chicago-area university is also home to The Daily Northwestern, one of the premier student newspapers in the country.

This January, several varsity football players for the Northwestern Wildcats announced that they would seek unionization for the work they said they had done for the university, in return for compensation in the form of tuition scholarships. Their movement has been a huge topic in the college sports world, and has been extensively covered by industry giants such as ESPN and Sports Illustrated.

As I have said before, student newspapers have often competed and performed well against the best of the professional news organizations, and The Daily Northwestern is no exception. The paper has dedicated a whole section of its website to their ongoing coverage of the unionization efforts, including daily updates from National Labor Relations Board hearings, letters to the editor, interviews and an in-depth enterprise.

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